Thursday, 29 May 2014

Commonwealth Games Training

Today's author is Simon Eason.  Simon is a Clinic Director and Physiotherapist at Garstang Physiotherapy Clinic

I have my second major round of Commonwealth Games training tomorrow (30th May) and Saturday.  I travel up to Glasgow to be "formally accredited" which is fancy way of saying that I have to prove who I am and that I am licensed to practice.  I will be given my ID badge and then be sent to be measured up for my uniform (more red than I usually wear but thankfully quite tasteful).  Then, on Saturday morning I have to report bright and early to Hampden Park, the athletics venue for the games, for Medical role specific training. I'm not sure exactly what will be involved but it will be great to meet some of the people I'll be working with and to start to get a proper idea of what my role will involve.  I'm also hoping that I'll get to meet Clyde, the games mascot who's the cheeky looking larger than life character above.  

I've got my dates and will be away for 8 days in total with a couple of 2 day breaks in the middle.  I start working on Friday 18th July which is before the opening ceremony and my last shift will be on Tuesday the 29th.  I'm gradually starting to feel more excited about the event and am really looking forward to it now that it's not so far away.  

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