Friday, 14 March 2014

Simon at the Commonwealth Games

Today's author is Simon Eason.  Simon is a Clinic Director and Physiotherapist at Garstang Physiotherapy Clinic

I got my first taste of the Commonwealth Games on Friday last week; I was quite excited beforehand but now it really is starting to build.  Lots of patients have been asking about what's happening, when and what will I be doing so here's an idea for you all.

Orientation training took place at the Emirates Arena with is just west of the city centre in Glasgow (near Celtic Park) and is in the same building as the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome.  It's an amazing venue - very modern with room for 4,500 spectators, a great view of the track, plenty of leg room (good for me) and good facilities.

We were the first group to have training so we were sworn to secrecy about some of the content so I can't say who presented it or who was on stage (some well known Scottish names!) but it was a fun morning.  As well as having fun, we were treated to a dramatic history of the Commonwealth, formerly Empire, Games and found out quite a bit about the sports and venues and got a sneak preview of the uniforms that we'll be wearing.  There will be 17 sports and 261 medal events including 22 para sport events which are mixed in with the rest, not separate as in the Olympics.  The venues are a mix of old and new with Ibrox, Celtic Park and Hampden Park all hosting events but with several new, purpose build venues also being used.  These venues will all go on to be permanent, usable venues for the people of Glasgow.

The Games will be on between the 23rd July and the 3rd August but I could be asked to be there any time between the 13th July and the 6th August do deal with Athletes whilst they live in the village.  I'll hopefully find out my exact dates by the end of the month.  

I'll be working at the athletes village and will be part of a large team of physiotherapists who are available to treat athletes of any nationality or speciality.  We treat whoever walks through the door! Our job will be to get them though their event.  I have to go for more specific training in May so I'll find out more then about the details of my job.

I've spent quite a chunk of my life as a physio (I started university in 1997) and have worked both for the NHS and in private hospitals, clinics and now my own practice.  I've treated some fairly impressive athletes and sportsmen in the clinic and love dealing with them - they are often very focussed, very driven, incredibly fit and body aware and they prepared to work really hard on anything that us physios ask them to do.  I'm really lucky that I like my job and I enjoy the company of virtually all of  my patients, including the not so athletic!,  but I've never had the opportunity to work consistently with sportsmen and women of this standard for a sustained period. I'm hoping to learn a lot from them and from the other physios around me
and needless to say I'm really excited at the prospect and slightly nervous. I volunteered for the experience in itself and because I love what I do but I also hope that it will make me a better physio. and that I can use my experience to help the people that I see every day.

I'll let you all know more when I can.   Thanks,